LETTER: Repairs were to wrong road

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THE roadworks near Moulton Chapel highlight Lincolnshire County Council’s inadequate and bizarre stance on road repairs and wasting money.

They recently resurfaced the Moulton Chapel road from Cowbit into Moulton Chapel for no apparent reason.

Furthermore not only did they waste money, they resurfaced it in loose stones and made the surface WORSE than the old one.

To top it off, several weeks later there are still loose chippings on the road, endangering cyclists, pedestrians and potentially causing damage to cars.

The signage was taken away almost immediately (for the loose chippings).

The B1357 (Cowbit to Moulton Chapel) is in far, far worse condition with several potholes and ruts but they did NOT resurface this section of road. Madness.

I have emailed the county council and can provide emails sent and received. They were less than helpful.

The state of roads in the county is shocking and for them to waste money needs highlighting.

James Seymour,