LETTER: Referendum will be no use at all

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Although like many of your readers I’m relieved to hear from local MP John Hayes (Spalding Guardian, September 13) that the Tories have implemented an EU ‘referendum lock’ which proposes that any future treaty transferring powers from Westminster to Brussels will be, by law, subject to a referendum from now on I conclude that this is of no use at all.

For example, how this will save British taxpayers from having to bail out the Euroland sovereign debt crisis to save the union and the Euro currency.

Currently Greece owes $367 billion dollars, Ireland $865bn, Spain and Italy $1 trillion each and somewhere in the mix is Portugal.

To recap the scale of the problem; Debt ridden Britain, has lent out vast amounts of money to other broken European European economies.

This is money borrowed on our behalf so our broken economy can lend to other broken economies that can’t pay us back.

Does anyone have confidence in a Tory government to protect hard working UK taxpayers any more?

If you do then consider the inquiry report into 2008 UK banking crisis by Sir John Vickers that has led the government to propose corporate reform of the British banking system.

At issue are major changes to safeguard savers and taxpayers’ money in, wait for it, eight years’ time!

In the meantime they are free to continue their financial betting with our money.

David Turp

Wimberley Way