LETTER: Red Lion Quarter was bound to fail as a commercial concern

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Well at least I didn’t have to resort to the Freedom of Information Act to gain the knowledge that South Holland District Council is parting with yet more taxpayers money. This is thanks to this paper.

So possibly another £400,000 is leaving the coffers (to bail out the Red Lion Quarter).

What is it with these councils that consider that they are right to spend thousands upon thousands of taxpayers’ money on so-called business ventures.

If a commercial property is left unoccupied for ten years, why has no private developer come forward? Why do the bureaucrats believe that they can do better?

You only have to look at who was involved in the project to see that it was bound to fail as a commercial concern.

The suspects are:

r Lincolnshire County Council – possibly losing millions over the faults in the A16 Spalding to Peterborough road and opening fully a year late.

r Lincolnshire Enterprise – was a subsidiary of Lincs County Council, but no longer exists.

r East Midlands Development Agency – a quango due to be wound up by Christmas – served no useful purpose.

r Boston College – I don’t wish to be too hard on the college but do they have any expertise in running a commercial project?

They teach the theory including business courses. But experience in running a retail unit that makes a profit?

Perhaps they should have checked with their lecturers whether the food hall was a viable proposition.

It will be interesting to see if the restaurant makes a profit.

r South Holland District Council – well that speaks for itself. A bunch of amateurs who are like children with sweets. Only the sweets in this case are taxpayer funds.

r Red Lion Quarter Community Interest Company – this is the company that actually operate the retail area of the site, brought into existence by Lincs County Council and SHDC and who are the employers of the retail staff.

Companies House records show that two SHDC councillors are on the board of directors. I assume they are there because of their retail experience.

What do they have in common? You guessed it! None of them live in the real world. Most are state employees or have the power to use taxpayers’ money as they see fit.

Every time these pen pushers, bureaucrats and wannabes have an idea – it costs you money.

Will they never learn?

Unfortunately you are stuck with these councillors for the next three and a half years.


Northons Lane