LETTER: Red Lion Quarter is Spalding’s very own Millennium Dome

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When a councillor asks that the “Fairy Godmother possibility” be kept open as an option for resolving this mess, you really have to wonder what is going on.

He may as well have said: “We might win the Lottery.”

Coun Porter states quite forcibly that “we won’t spend £400k on a bail out,” but he doesn’t say how much will be spent.

To date it has cost £120k, has outstanding loans of £120k and owes creditors £90k.

It still has to pay off staff and there will be additional costs in order to close the food hall down.

If it is to be reopened then it will have to be refurbished in order to make it attractive to future clients.

Failing that substantial inducements will be needed in order to entice new owners.

It is Spalding’s own Millennium Dome and I would not be surprised if the final cost to South Holland District Council hits £500,000.

It is time that our MP John Hayes started to get involved.

Libraries are closing, services are being reduced and money is still being tossed around like confetti, yet nobody is responsible and unless somebody with authority steps in, it will continue and we will all be the losers.

Peter Manley

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