LETTER: Pensioners are getting a raw deal over bus services in Gosberton

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WITH reference to “Village without bus service until schools back in autumn” (July 21).

Fowlers operated a bus five days a week every week, taking in Gosberton Risegate and West Pinchbeck to Spalding. In April, Brylaine took over. Passengers assumed the service would remain the same.

If South Holland District Council or Lincolnshire County Council decided otherwise then the public should have been informed.

Brylaine has said timetables are available, so why a week ago were people in West Pinchbeck waiting at a bus stop?

CallConnect is a valuable service but is being overstretched with the extra passengers.

Mr Briggs should get his facts right. There is a maximum of three bags one can take on the bus and those who book within one hour are pushed onto the same schedule as those that have booked seven days in advance.

Times are altered to accommodate late bookings, so for ten passengers in a time slot there are now 12. What is the maximum before this becomes a safety issue?

Residents of Risegate are now completely shut off. No way of getting into the village for doctors, hairdressers, shops, or even a bus to Boston.

With the majority of residents being pensioners, there is no transport to the hospital. A voluntary car scheme in Surfleet is available, but not in Gosberton and a one way taxi to the hospital is £11.20.

Chris Briggs says no money is available to reinstate a service, but will there be money available to provide extra vehicles and drivers for Call Connect when they can’t cope with the extra passengers?

Pensioners are getting a raw deal from this council.



Gosberton Risegate