LETTER: Older people should be entitled to care in a settled environment

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IT is Lincolnshire County Council which is not fit for the purpose of running care homes.

The council decides to close Halmer Grange, saying the home is old and outdated. It needs £1m to improve the home.

Coun Graham Marsh stated: “It was not fit for purpose.” The council is responsible for the home, so obviously it did not maintain or update it over time in line with current standards. What did it spend the money on?

The council also proposes closing the two-year-old purpose-built facility Cedar House? Not old or outdated?

Older people who have paid taxes for a significant number of years should be entitled to care in a settled environment for as long as necessary and easily accessed by relatives

However the reduction in Government grants (taxpayers’ money) to the council appears to have exposed a serious weakness.

The council has known for some time (2008) that the increase in its older population would exceed its capacity to cope according to its Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (page 36: “Demand for care home places will outstrip supply.”)

So it appears to be putting needy people into a system that it knows will fail over time, with the promise of “retirement villages” to cope with the surplus.

Based on its performance with its currently managed homes it would be better to help the private sector expand its capacity. It is obviously not able to run care homes.

Consider closing the old outdated council facilities in Vista car park (this eyesore detracts from Ayscoughfee Hall), return the area to a car park providing the council with some revenue or put to garden. Put staff in South Holland District Council offices or Red Lion Quarter.

Mike Harrison

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