LETTER: Mr Hayes must answer questions on our membership of the EU

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AN open letter to John Hayes MP.

You have to be admired for the expertise displayed in the recent ‘questions for your MP’ feature in the Lincolnshire Free Press and Spalding Guardian.

Despite paying lip service to the questioners’ concerns, you skilfully avoided providing a single, straight answer to the questions posed (including my own).

Letters in this week’s Spalding Guardian confirm I am not the only person of this opinion.

I reiterate, your Government’s failure to honour the pre-election promise of a referendum on EU membership is a major concern for the majority of the population.

Consider the following:

1 The benefits of remaining in the EU are far outweighed by the financial penalties

2 It costs the UK £40million per day to be in the EU, yet Brussels is demanding a five per cent increase

3 Despite being virtually bankrupt, we are the fourth largest net contributor to the EU budget (meaning we put in far more than we receive) of the 27 member states. 17 countries (mainly former eastern bloc) are net beneficiaries

4 In June alone your Government borrowed £14billion

5 Greece is largely the author of its own demise, with tax evasion/avoidance practised with religious fervour for decades. The second bailout is money down the drain as they will surely default. A significant proportion will be provided by the IMF, therefore the UK will share the financial pain.

6 The UK’s withdrawal from the EU would mean we could:

A close our borders to all economic immigrants, even those from Europe

B repeal the current ‘Human Rights Act’

C reclaim the right to rule ourselves

D continue to trade with European countries, much as we did prior to becoming a member of the EU.

E compensate for any loss of trade with closer links to China, India and Brazil.

Although 13 years of a Labour Government can be blamed for much of the UK’s woes we need to be grateful that Gordon Brown (in spite of faults) refused to adopt the Euro.

Finally, the current practice of borrowing huge sums of money to increase foreign aid (much of which is siphoned off by despots) is surely the road to ruin.

I would welcome your comments on the above, preferably via the Lincolnshire Free Press or Spalding Guardian.


Wilders Garth