LETTER: I wanted a bed there!

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They’re closing Halmer Grange!

Is that what you said?

I rather hoped in a couple of years,

They could offer me a bed!

What will I do now?

For I’m old and over the hill.

Pop down to Johnson Hospital,

Pretending to be terminally ill?

What happens now,

When I’m old and infirm.

And with life, I can no longer cope?

Rely on our caring council?

I haven’t got a hope!

Where shall I go,

When I need respite care

And my family need a well deserved break?

Stay at home? (All alone),

Surviving on Horlicks and cake!

And when reality dawns,

Halmer Grange is now closed,

Its residents all locked out the door,

Too late then, to ask yourself,

“Could the public have done more?”

Too late then, to put up a fight

For the council’s got its very own way

Even though the general public,

Wanted this facility to stay.

Too late then, to moan and complain,

“We’d like Halmer Grange back”, you will say.

The head of social care,

Will insist it was fair,

Saying: “You let us take it away!”

Peter Long

Belvedere Close