LETTER: I’m challenging simplistic view of coalition

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IN reply to Andrew MacDonald’s letter in Mailbox of last week’s Free Press (Coalition cannot be accountable), I assume he was having a pop at me regarding my previous letters about the Government’s reneging on the promised referendum on continued membership of the EU.

While I am prepared to accept constructive criticism, his explanation of the limitations of being in a coalition is far too simplistic, which I cannot allow to go unchallenged.

His contention that a coalition does not have a mandate is absolute rubbish. If that were so, then the Government has NO moral right to continue, therefore David Cameron should dissolve Parliament and hold an immediate election.

Now would be the ideal time to do so while the Labour party is in disarray. However, I doubt whether Cameron would risk that option.

His statement that it is wrong to hold an individual party to account for not delivering on a single promise is also without foundation.

I could write reams on a number of issues this Government has failed to honour it’s promises on. However, I am obliged to keep my correspondence to a maximum of 300 words, therefore I am obliged to tackle one subject at a time.

For Mr Macdonald’s further enlightenment, for years the Lib Dems have been banging on about proportional representation as the ideal way to govern, then so be it. Conservative MPs outnumber the Lib Dems by a ratio of approximately five to one.

To my mind, the Lib Dems should only be allowed one in five of their policies to be adopted, that would truly be proportional representation.

Now back to the other broken Tory promises that have been kicked into the long grass:

1 Repeal of the current discredited Human Rights Act (to be replaced by a Bill of Rights and Responsibilities).

2 To take robust measures to limit immigration before we English become overwhelmed, and end up as an ethnic minority in the country of our birth.

3 To limit the total amount that private sector landlords can charge the public purse for social housing to £25,000 per property per year.


Willder’s Garth