LETTER: How do councillors sleep at night with Cedar House under threat?

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I READ with great interest your article about Cedar House respite centre under threat (Spalding Guardian, September 8).

As one of the parents that use this facility for my 33-year-old son I just cannot believe what Lincolnshire County Council has written.

Their consultation with parents consists of sending out a form for you to tick boxes.

We know because we have been there before.

None of the parents want Cedar House to close, I know that for a fact.

But will these councillors take any notice of us? No.

They think they know best, well I am sorry but they do not.

Quite a few of the parents are OAPs and single parent families and we are struggling now.

Take away Cedar House and you might as well stand us by a wall and call in a firing squad.

To the councillors who have suggested, or are even thinking about, closing this desperately needed care centre, shame on you.

How the hell do you sleep at night?

I know I don’t – I am up and down all night checking on my son.


Bourne Road