LETTER: ‘Got’ infesting every part of the media and conversation

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MANY people must wince, as I do, when they see the word “got” infesting every part of the media and conversation.

It is like a virus, spreading wherever it sees a weakness.

I know that it is unlikely to be eliminated but the purpose of GOT-OUT! is to reduce its use to the minimum.

I cannot be alone in this so I appeal to everyone who shares my views to come forward and join the campaign. If lovers of the English language do nothing, then the virus will continue to spread.

Here are a few horrors I have seen or heard recently:

l I got them from Boots (bought)

l We’ve got lots of Polish people working (we have)

l I’ve just got a car (I have just bought, hired, stolen)

l I got sacked (was or have been)

l I don’t know how he got to be elected (how he was)

l Get out (go away, please leave)

For more details contact me at 01205 350056 or john.richards2@virgin.net


Founder GOT-OUT!

Vauxhall Road