LETTER: Good Samaritan was fellow Toyota driver

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IT is nice to know in this day and age that people really do care.

I was travelling along the A17 going to Sleaford when my car gave up on me and I was completely stranded.

Not knowing what way to turn a gentlemen in a Toyota Hi-Ace pulled up and asked if I was OK and offered to help.

He offered to tow me to a layby that we could see. He then stayed with me while I lifted the bonnet, saw the engine had blown up and then with kindness offered to take me to Sleaford with my companion and her luggage, a good 12-13 miles away.

On arrival and before leaving I offered him some money for his expenses.

He turned round and said: “No I don’t require it.

“It is a pleasure to be of assistance to someone like you, genuine and also a Toyota owner.

I will always be grateful to this gentleman, I don’t know who he was but if he reads this article I shall be forever grateful.


Welbourne Lane North