LETTER: Gleed Boys’ was the best production I’d seen for ages

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I WAS lucky enough to recently be in Spalding, visiting some friends when one of them suggested that we go along to the Gleed Boys’ School where a new production was taking place.

Being a lover of theatre I jumped at the chance but was warned by my friend that it might not be that good as the school hasn’t put on a production for years.

My friend needn’t have worried – it was the best production that I have seen for a long time.

The individual performances were breathtaking as was the commitment and energy of the whole cast. I was astounded at the level of talent within the cast and it’s a measure of the success of the production that the whole audience were on their feet cheering – something which doesn’t happen often.

So I would like to congratulate the team responsible for such a triumph and I would like to congratulate the school for having such an obviously outstanding performing arts department.

I’ll definitely be back for the next show!