LETTER: Give them a pat on the back, and not a kick in the teeth

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Did the person who slagged off the Holbeach music festival actually attend?

The one I went to was a well organised, totally laid back musical extravaganza catering for all tastes in music with a brilliant atmosphere, the same as it has been for the last 11 years.

The “trouble” was allegedly outside the park, so how come the organisers of the event inside the park are deemed responsible for said “trouble”.

There was probably a fight in Weston as well. Are the music festival organisers responsible for that as well?

This event is a well organised event that raises money for local organisations, with no personal profit.

Why can’t the moaners give the organisers a pat on the back instead a kick in the teeth?

Join in with your local activities instead of knocking them.

I live in Pinchbeck, and wish we could have something like this on our doorstep.

You don’t know how lucky you are that someone thinks so much about your town.

Alan Hansard

Knight Street