LETTER: Enough shops selling alcohol already

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We feel that there are already sufficient outlets selling alchohol in Spalding already.

You only need to walk through the town to see discarded cans and bottles and the drinking laws in the town centre are obviously not being observed.

Victoria Street car park, Short Street, the rear of the Aldi store and numerous other areas of the town are littered with cans and bottles.

Also, the Victoria Street car park frequently sports broken bottles which are likely to cause punctures to car tyres or injury to people walking across the car park.

It is also quite intimidating when groups of drinkers are congregated in the car park.

If these licenses are approved, we would like to see more restrictions to the hours that alcohol may be sold, rather than increasing them.

It seems that as a shop becomes vacant in the town mini-markets are opening up and the character of the town is vanishing.