LETTER: Did I imagine young deer?

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I WAS sitting on a bench outside Spalding railway station on August 2 around 10.45am waiting for the 11.16am service to Peterborough.

I happened to glance across to platform two and noticed movement in the foliage behind the high green fencing at the back of this platform.

For around 15 seconds I was truly amazed to see what looked like a young deer emerge and eat on this foliage.

The deer was free of antlers, had a brown body and for a split second looked towards me and to all intents and purposes it looked like a deer.

It then disappeared into the foliage and I didn’t see it again by the time my train had arrived.

Was it me and the heat, or did I really see a young deer? Have you seen it?

l Speaking of stations, I’m loving the new announcement splitting the word Peterborough.

“The next train from platform one is the 11.16 service to Peter Borough.This train calls at Peter Borough only and is on time.”

Many near me on the platform found this quite amusing, myself included.

Is there any chance the announcer can join the two words ‘Peter’ and ‘Borough’ to make ‘Peterborough’ please?

It just sounds wrong as it currently is.


St Thomas’s Road