LETTER: Council tenants are entitled to know when we have prevented bad behaviour

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I should like to address Mr Taylor’s somewhat intemperate letter over the injunction South Holland District Council recently obtained regarding one of our tenants.

Firstly I do not “relish” the opportunity to register the council’s position on such matters but I do approve of our policy of acting decisively against anti-social behaviour (any time, any place!).

It follows therefore that I am in no way ashamed of my reaction. Why should our tenants not have some reassurance from us that we will act on their behalf?

Injunctions are neither sought nor won lightly, and I totally refute the allegation that we acted in a “recriminatory and vindictive” manner.

Legal redress is always the last resort when all other options have been exhausted.

I am afraid Mr Taylor’s penultimate paragraph left me bemused. In plain English, I don’t know what he meant.

The “context of respect” to which he refers must surely have to work both ways and with rights come responsibilities.

It is not my job to tell parents how to bring up their children nor teachers how to educate them but it is my job to ensure our tenants can enjoy their homes free from behaviour which none of us, in our own neighbourhoods, would find acceptable.

Further, our tenants are entitled to know where the council has acted to counter or prevent anti-social behaviour.

We are all accountable for our actions and must face redress when our behaviour impinges upon others in the community.

I should also add that by his letter Mr Taylor has, de facto, garnered more publicity than may otherwise have been the case. The very publicity he says he is unhappy with.

COUN Christine Lawton

Portfolio Holder for Housing

South Holland Council