LETTER: Council and Tulips should work together

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Regarding your front page report in the Spalding Guardian on August 8 and the Spalding United Football Club’s proposed project for a 20-acre site out of town.

It must be every club’s ambition to own their own football ground and not have to rely on an arrangement with any local council.

But I have always held the opinion that the South Holland District Council could work better and closer with Spalding United.

There has always been speculation that the council would like to develop the Sir Halley Stewart Playing Field other than just have the facility there for football.

I think the ground is in an ideal location and has been the home of Spalding United for years.

I would like to see the current site developed for football and other sporting events that could bring sports for all into the centre of town.

Rail and bus services are right next door and what an opportunity to develop a sports-for-all under the same umbrella.

I do recall the council wanting to formulate plans for such a centre outside of town and now they are looking to spend £10million on the current Castle Sports Complex.

I can understand the football club looking to the future because it has to be for the long term benefit of the club and the community who want to participate in the game and for those who wish to follow their local club and support it.

I think it is time for the authorities to be more open and start to work in partnership with the footballing community.

The report may have been leaked prematurely, but what is wrong with planning for the future and working together for the benefit of all concerned.

Rodney Sadd

20 Carrington Road