LETTER: Conservation area will mean higher costs

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I NEARLY choked on my cornflakes after reading Rita Rudkin’s comments on the extension of the conservation boundary.

When will councillors realise that people have to live, make a living and pay their taxes.

Retailers in particular cannot repair/replace any of their shop fronts without exposure to a major cost if they are in a conservation area. That may mean wooden window frames, the right sort of cement, no signage without a lengthy planning procedure.

Mr Grocock hit the nail on the head when he mentioned that the WI hall had requested a quote for new uPVC double glazing. That of course, would not be permissible if the hall fell within the conservation area. Could they afford three times the cost for a wooden sill?

Please don’t tell me that grants are available. If grants were easily available would local business premises be in such need of refurbishment. And if they are easily available – then why haven’t the district councillors done something about it. There are enough eyesores in the existing conservation area already.

You cannot live in a bubble of preservation without a lot of expense or consequences.


60 Northons Lane