LETTER: Conscription was the heart of our English discipline

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WHY on earth are we surprised at the recent riots and acts of mindless violence?

Cast your minds back to the abolition of National Service.

Conscription was the heart of our English discipline. England was a disciplined, civilised country.

When conscription was stopped that was the start of today’s troubles. We had started to remove discipline from the youngsters of our society. None of us protested.

Subsequently the country was flooded with youths with nothing to do. That was okay for a while because we still had discipline in schools, and in the home. It was still lawful to chastise and punish bad behaviour. It was still lawful for the local bobby to give lawbreakers a crack with his truncheon. In those days no one would dare to spit at, or swear at, a copper.

Then politics changed, no matter who we voted for the candidates were all the same.

Discipline was out.Parents using discipline was outlawed, and teachers were banned from using any discipline. This has led to thousands of kids growing up with absolutely no discipline.

There were no serious protests from us – we thought it was great at the time and we snuggled down into that situation very comfortably.

The facts then so far are that we condoned the new regime of no discipline for our youngsters, we would comply with the law banning any punishment.

Now let that culture fester for a few years and add to it mass unemployment, and drugs, and the need of the morons we created for more drugs, and hey presto – welcome to 2011.

For those who are old enough to riot it really is too late, they are social write offs that we have nurtured and made that way.

There is one way to regain the ‘great Britain’ we used to know.

We should only accept a government that will allow them a ‘zero tolerance’ policy, with a stark and real warning that any rioting in ‘great Britain’ will result in water cannon on the first night, rubber bullets on the second night, and live ammunition for as long as it takes.

My grandfather and my father fought in two wars so that we might have freedom of speech, lawful ability to defend our castle, and the right to hold an opinion. All of which was flushed down the sewers by consecutive governments.

You have the right of free speech but God help you if you voice it. I was proud to have been born into this once great country... I will be ashamed shortly to die in it.


Browne Wilkinson Walk