LETTER: Castle Complex should be last place to be buried under private bricks and mortar

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“THE Castle Sports Complex land should be sold,” writes one of your correspondents, “for a housing development” (Lincolnshire Free Press, August 2).

While on the front page of the very same issue: “One in four of our children classed obese”. How wrong can she get?

That statistic is a clarion-call for Spalding to hang on to every bit of green space and public leisure land it has. And if that is not enough, here are three more reasons.

1 – Spalding is 46 per cent under-provided with open green space for a town of its size (South Holland Local Plan).

2 – Surveys show that its people want more public open space, not less.

3 – Nearly 2,500 people signed the Keep the Castle petition (2008) ‘to preserve and enhance the present area of the Castle Field as a public open green space’.

In the field Spalding has public open green space and sports facilities that are centrally situated and easily accessible.

They are convenient for walking the dog or having a kick-about, for the toddlers’ play area or a quick lunchtime swim.

The Castle Field should be the very last place to concrete over and bury under private bricks and mortar.


Regent Street