LETTER: Can you help James to find out more about his mother?

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I AM trying, after many years, to trace my birth mother and wondered if readers could help, either by knowing a relative, or knowing someone who does.

Ethel Bailey was probably born between 1905-1915 in/or around the west Lincolnshire area, eg Gainsborough, Sleaford, Spalding, Collingham, but both the date and location are somewhat of a guess.

In the early 1930s she met and married James Watson from Staffordshire and they lived in a bungalow on Gainsborough Road in Girton where they started a poultry farm. It was in this bungalow that I was born in January 1934.

In 1934 I was taken into care and fostered to a family in Newark on Trent.

Shortly after that James Watson Snr left, but Ethel is believed to have stayed until c1937, when she disappeared without a trace.

There is a rumour that she had contacts around that time in the Kingston upon Thames, Surrey.

My father was eventually traced running a corner shop in Birmingham. He moved to Blackpool where he died in 1962.

If you have any details, or would like to ask questions, contact me by emailing jamesbaker@bcs.org.uk