LETTER: Business ill-conceived and poorly researched

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One has to wonder at the sheer stupidity of our councillors when you read that they have decided to spend ratepayers’ money on bailing out a private business which from the very start was ill-conceived and poorly researched.

What on earth are they up to – are they going to pay off debts of all the businesses in Spalding or even South Holland?

“That is ridiculous,” I hear you say. But of course it is, and so is their decision to pay off the debts of the Red Lion Quarter.

Then to add insult to injury they decline to tell us how many thousands of OUR pounds they are using and on what terms this bail out has been completed.

It is, after all, taxpayers’ money and we have a right to know. Councillors should not hide behind closed doors.Would they invest their own money in this enterprise? I think not.

How many councillors themselves do not know the full details. What does our MP and the government minister think of this cloak and dagger attitude on spending?

Let your electorate know what you are really up to SHDC. Will any councillor speak up and constructively reply? I doubt it.

Peter Rex

Sherwood Drive