LETTER: Are Fens so boring that they need hundreds of 120m wind turbines?

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Where is the balanced view of the press? Julie Williams’ Straight Talk comment piece is so biased it could have been written by the PR department of a wind farm energy company!

What does Julie think the anti-wind farm lobby is about?

Does she think, in this country where “apathy reigns”, that ordinary people would bother protesting if turbines were not a problem?

Does settling the Davis’ case years ago mean giving into the wind farm companies and absorbing the cost of giving up your home and way of life because living with wind turbines is intolerable!

Julie mentions the flat, featureless, man-made Fens.

Are they so boring that they need hundreds of 120 metre turbines whizzing round to liven them up?

What an insult to those Fen people who for generations have loved the open aspect with big skies, subtle landscape and the wildlife it hosts.

She mentions the poor owners of the Deeping St Nicholas turbines and how they must fight the test case but does not mention the £10,000 plus per turbine they get every year, subsidised by you and I in our energy bills.

Julie outlines the vulnerability of fossil fuels which could mean the lights go out.

Well don’t rely on wind turbines – if the wind doesn’t blow or blows too hard they might not even come on at all.

It would be interested to know where Julie lives because I’m sure she would welcome 120 metre turbines, with their imposing hum and shadow flicker next to her house.

Stewart Chester

Sempringham Fen