LETTER: Appalled by care home review

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WE are writing to you after reading the article about Cedar House and the county council’s plans for change (Lincolnshire Free Press, September 6).

I understand Coun Martin Hill, aided and abetted by Coun Patricia Bradwell, and with the help of Coun Graham Marsh, wants to sell everything off because they believe the private sector will provide a better service.

Firstly, if the county council provided a realistic budget for services in the first place there would not be a problem.

We would like to see a breakdown of the costs that they have provided to your newspaper eg price given per client, staff wages, number of staff per shift to how many clients, administration etc.

Secondly, with personal budgets we cannot afford to buy care from the private sector and that is why block booking is essential.

We have already been down the farcical “buy a better service” road and believe us, it does not work if you require overnight breaks, we have the paperwork to prove it.

Thirdly, it was stated nothing will happen without full consultation. Did anyone discuss this situation with the relatives before it became a newspaper article? No!

Why was it the first the staff knew anything? Common decency should have at least played a part in informing those it concerned.

The reason? Because the disabled are easy targets and the county council do not care about them, their carers – who save this country millions of pounds – nor the staff they employ in the caring sector.

They have little understanding or respect for those they are supposed to serve and support and we think that they should be challenged to do a week’s shifts in Cedar House, and a week with some of the clients who use Cedar House, and then see how they cope with no sleep, no support and no overnight break.

Fourthly, what happened the last time you (the council) had cutbacks?

Those you deemed a little more able were given very short notice to find alternative care.

Yes, you did provide a list but you also closed some of the places on your list before the clients got a foot through the door and others were not able to access care due to inadequate funding.

We all want value for money – we should start with you, are you value for money?

We think not.

Exhausted carers


Wellington Road