LETTER: Answering relief road survey was a depressing few hours

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I have had a most depressing few hours putting my thoughts to the relief road questionaire.

Although it has been highlighted in the press already I could not let this opportunity go by without sending my views to you in the hope that more people will stand up and realise that it is not only the convenience side of less time used getting from one side of town to the other but the implications of getting there in the way of yet more roads and traffic to places that are not shown on the dismal leaflet or on the “exhibition” notice boards displayed throughout the area.

The comments which I have submitted are:

nI believe that neither route should be used as there are existing roads/part roads that could be used.

The road opposite Monks House Lane (Broadway) which runs to an existing roundabout could be extended further to enable a road and possibly some passage over the railway line.

The heresay is that this road/part road was initially the path to the Little London area but Broadgate relegated on permission.

nAnother possibility would be to upgrade the road that runs parallel to the river.

The rail crossing there could be updated and the bridge over the river next to the crossing improved which if there is the volume of trains will, in my opinion, make strengthening desirable.

I believe both options are preferable to having to destroy land that would be needed for road and service requirements.

The exhibit at the Red Lion Quarter and the people attending to answer questions did not give, in my opinion, a true view of the impact and the reasons why the Phase two Relief Road should be in Option A or B.

The only thing I was able to get from this is that it was a case of number crunching to let the public supposedly decide the “preferred” route.

The number of people who preferred one route over the other would be swayed by the people whose houses were nearer one than the other (winner being the least populated area).

A comment was made that one of the reasons for the relief road was to stop the “rat run” through residential areas.

I believe that because the literature and public exhibition did not show the “ bigger picture” then new “rat runs” would be used which the general public would not realise until it was built and also the build up of traffic would, in my opinion, change from being Bourne Road/Winsover Road to Little London Bridge.

Although Phase three is not currently developed I think this has to have a bearing on Phase two, reason being that, in my opinion, the route that is obvious to me is the one that runs through Wygate Park and all the rat runs in between.

In the present economic climate I think the better course of action would be to suspend any relief roads and concentrate on improving the roads that do exist.

ANNE Enderby

Horseshoe Road