LETTER: Act II would never have charged £23,000 to take part in parade

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I wish to use your pages to respond to an article in July 12’s Lincolnshire Free Press (“Flower Parade ideas wanted from traders”).

I would like to clarify the issue concerning Act II Theatre Company not being approached to participate in this year’s parade due to costs.

Speaking for our own company, I can assure your readers and Mrs Kenyon that we have never, and would never, charge anything in the region of £23,000.

I find it most disheartening that Kenyon Communications decided to discuss such figures publicly without checking their accuracy.

It would be untrue to say we have not earned money from previous parades – it is our business to create entertainment – but not in the region specified. I am happy to disclose previous years’ fees to anyone interested.

Putting on a quality parade is always going to cost, whether using local expertise or bringing in specialists from further afield, but it most certainly does not cost £23,000 to provide quality children’s entertainment.

Furthermore, these costs do not include a “£10 per child fee”. Although we have charged the parade’s organising body, Act II has never charged children directly to participate, either independently or through their school.

The notion of children paying to take part in the parade is, in our opinion, contrary to the parade’s community spirit.

Karl Gernert


Act II Theatre Company