LETTER: Abusive, rude and hurtful correspondence

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AS the founder and owner of DWARF, the Dangerous Wild Animal Rescue Facility, it never ceases to amaze me of the attitude and actions of certain people regarding the care and welfare of animals.

Both me and my wife Lisa have seen it all. Over the 15 years since DWARF was started we have rescued hundreds of animals, some being removed from the most appalling conditions.

The work of DWARF has received many hours of TV coverage, plus a multitude of magazine and newspaper reports and features.

DWARF recently received coverage in various newspapers across the country and as far away as Australia, featuring Beaky our 7ft emu which I raised from an egg.

The feature also contained a photo of Lisa and our six adorable children. Imagine my dismay and anger at receiving this most abusive, rude and hurtful letter from a lady in Lincolnshire. Now, being used to the odd insult or two, or a crocodile trying to bite chunks from me, I simply read the letter and chucked it in the bin. Then on reflection, thought, “no, sorry lady you’re not getting away with this”.

So, in direct response to the lady from Holbeach, I say the following:

Firstly my children are not “rug rats” as you rudely claim, they are the most adorable well behaved children you could ever wish to meet, and all were planned, wanted and loved.

I have never collected dole money, or state handouts. We work hard, dammed hard, to run this animal rescue centre, paying my taxes and working 24/7 to feed and look after the 200 or so animals we have on average at the facility.

We never have holidays, but spend all our money on the centre, and in today’s economic climate find it very difficult to make ends meet.

DWARF is self-funded and receives no support or charity money. Lisa rescues on average 150 native birds and mammals every year returning them to the wild with a 98 per cent success rate.

I have to deal on a daily basis with the results of what goes wrong when people simply do not know how to care for exotic animals.

So this is what we do on a daily basis. I wonder what you do. By the tone, nature and grammar of your letter to us I would imagine – not a lot.