LETTER: A very sad day for Spalding when Halmer Grange finally closes

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Having taken part in a campaign to save the Halmer Grange Care Home and not forgetting the public support that I received, I feel it is a very sad day for Spalding when the gates of Halmer Grange finally close.

Those decision makers, Lincolnshire County Council, claim that the closures throughout the county will lead to a greater choice for users, but Spalding’s Halmer Grange was the first choice for many people in the local area and I feel another part of Spalding has just died.

Richard Collins, head of commissioning for adult social care, refers to a sum of £1m to bring the Halmer Grange Care Home up to standard and would not consider wasting taxpayers’ money on such a project.

Just look what was wasted on a recent new road project for Lincolnshire because of long delays, millions of taxpayers’ money and did they get that one right?

Local people, like myself see taxpayers’ money being wasted on failed projects. You only have to look at our town centre and I am sure £1m would be better spent on keeping such facilities as Halmer Grange.

I don’t think the pubic would consider this as a waste, it would be planning for the long term future and care for our elderly.

Halmer Grange was run by a great team of care workers and it was more like an extension of the family home for the residents.

People do not want to be treated as numbers. People come first and this is another example of the cuts hurting, but not working.

Rodney Sadd

Carrington Road