LETTER: £25,000 for new academy uniform? Money could be better spent

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MY wife and I were amazed to read the recent letter to parents on the Academy website from the new Holbeach Academy regarding school uniform.

Most students will be provided with a blazer, jumper, tie and PE kit free of charge.

How can this profligate expenditure be justified in a time of economic recession? It is always easier to spend other people’s money than your own.

Once again we see the triumph of show over substance. Free blazers don’t raise standards.

I should imagine that the chosen supplier must be rubbing his hands together with glee at receiving such a contract in these straitened times.

New year seven parents will have to pay, and PE kit will not be provided in years ten and 11, but I still estimate the cost of this will be around £25,000.

This is money that would have been better spent on more teaching staff or equipment.

I am a believer in school uniform and accept it helps to give a corporate unity to a school, but not at the public expense.

If parents support it, then they will be happy to pay, with the usual provisions for those in financial hardship.

It would be interesting to hear the views of the Academy sponsors who clearly have so much surplus cash splashing around.