I would like to know what Mr Garvie’s background is, what land he owns and what his day job is

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So Richard Gavie of Sustainable Spalding has done his ‘survey’ or rather part of it because he did say he was going to canvas the actual area.

His ‘results’ so far are that he has interviewed 3,300 people and so far nobody has boasted in our ear range of being asked.

A mere 17 ( tut, tut ) out of that total are are ‘against’ his masterplan for the town for a still unnamed multi-plex cinema, still unnamed supermarket etc.

Although he seems to have dropped the unnamed ‘call centre from Nottingham’ that was getting the hots about coming to the town from his portfolio, possibly entitled: ‘Things to Come – In Your Dreams’.

In the Lincs Free Press on July 12 he said he would be starting his survey that following weekend.

Bearing his in mind his report of his ‘findings’ were in the August 4 edition of the Spalding Guardian, he should be applauded for his hard work.

Allowing for doing his survey in 17 days and working every single day without a break, he would have to have interviewed 194 people per day.

I don’t expect a reply to the above from him as he does not do replies if direct questions are asked either to my questions or other readers.

I would like to ask just what his background, if any, is in land dealings, setting up mega deals to all these conglomerates, what land he himself owns in the area, if any, and what is his day job, if any?

Instead of his idea of renting a shop for people to pop in and air their views, perhaps a large hall should be hired for a public meeting – I would be there in the front row.

I would like to say again I am in favour of anything in the real logical world that would turn the town round as we need it even more with the recession and as I have said before, I feel sorry/embarrassed for the district council that is trying to do something genuine and it makes you wonder what other towns in the area must be thinking of the situation we have with what appears to be daydreams from Sustainable Spalding.

John Ward

Moulton Seas End

EDITOR: To be fair to Mr Garvie, he said in Thursday’s Guardian that he had a team of volunteers carrying out the surveys.