OBITUARY: Muriel Dobney

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MRS Muriel Dobney, of Gosberton Risegate, died on March 7 in Pilgrim Hospital, Boston. She was the widow of Richard.

Mrs Dobney leaves sons Richard Dobney of Gosberton and Ralph Dobney of Gosberton Risegate and daughter June Barney, of Gosberton Risegate.

Family mourners were Mr R Dobney, Mr and Mrs A Barney, Mr and Mrs R Dobney, Mr S Barney, Mr and Mrs P Colley, Miss S Barney, Mr and Mrs S Waterfall, Mr N Dobney and Ms A Harris, Mr and Mrs R Coles, Mr N Dobney, Mrs A Spridgen, Mr and Mrs P Wilkinson, Mrs P Howling, Mr and Mrs D Spridgen, Mr and Mrs J Spridgen, Mrs J Seymour, Miss S Seymour, Mr P Dobney, Mr and Mrs M Dobney.

Mr and Mrs R Richardson were unable to attend.