Obituary – Leonard Herd

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Mr Leonard Raymond Herd, of Severn Road, Spalding, died on November 4, in Pilgrim Hospital, Boston, aged 77.

He was born in Moulton and attended the Gleed Boy’s School in Spalding.

Mr Herd was a retired milkman, and had been a milkman for 25 years.

He is survived by his daughter Trudy Herd, of Spalding and son Geoff Herd, of Spalding.

A funeral service was held at Spalding Parish Church.

Family mourners were Miss T Herd, Mr and Mrs G Herd, Miss Z Herd, Mr and Mrs B Skeet, Mr and Mrs G Emms, Mr F Herd, Mr and Mrs P Herd, Mr and Mrs T Wilkins, Mr W Herd, Mr M Herd, Mr and Mrs M Herd, Mrs D Barker, Mrs C Boyer, Mrs C Thompson, Mr and Mrs I Thompson, Mr J Thompson, Mr and Mrs E Barrowcliffe, Mr and Mrs K Herd, Mr D Herd.