Nurse gets missing £100 back

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A NURSE who left £100 at a supermarket cashpoint has had her money returned.

The 59-year-old woman claimed her case had been dropped despite names being suggested for a white-haired female pictured on CCTV who might have been able to help the police investigation.

The nurse went to Morrisons at Pinchbeck on January 4, drew the cash and mistakenly left it in the cashpoint. She returned moments later and it was gone.

The nurse thought she recognised a woman from a CCTV picture and said others had put forward the same name yet no one had been interviewed.

But on Tuesday night – the day our story appeared – the nurse had her money returned after it was handed in to the police.

Police spokesman Nerys McGarry said: “Since your newspaper’s original enquiry, our investigation has moved on. I am pleased to say that the officer has since identified the person from the CCTV images and it has been established that no criminal offence has been committed.

Furthermore, the missing £100 has been returned to its rightful owner.

“Importantly, it should be noted that none of the names suggested by well-meaning members of the public, nor by the victim herself, were in fact the lady captured in the CCTV image.”

Ms McGarry said police release CCTV images because they can be potential witnesses, offenders or unconnected with an investigation and are grateful for the public’s help.

The nurse said she is grateful to the Free Press for publishing her story and is happy to have her money back.