NUISANCE NOISE: Flight path would drive her crazy

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I wish my eyesight was as good as that of Jean Rowland in Long Sutton.

I watch the planes that fly over the area whenever I can but as yet they have not flown over low enough for me to see too much detail. I can understand the problem but not the complaint.

The planes ‘dog fight’ over land at least 10,000 feet as this would give the pilots space to twist and turn in realistic training, and a chance to land safely on land should, God forbid, anything go wrong. Therefore both the pilot and the plane’s remains can be recovered and an investigation conducted.

As for the remark about flying at 11pm, if Jean can get legally binding signed letters from all our possible enemies that they would only attack during daylight Monday to Friday then we could asked the Air Force to only train during the week.

It was a standing joke during the ‘Cold War’ that if the Soviets were to attack at 6am on a Saturday they could have walked across Germany while the British and American troops were trying to get back from leave, or recovering from the night before.

If Jean wants to be driven crazy by low-flying aircraft she should try living under the flight path to one of London’s airports.

Charles Penney

Fleet Hargate