Novelist of one of summer’s must-read books in Spalding

Author TR Richmond ANL-150907-154339001
Author TR Richmond ANL-150907-154339001
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Farmers Weekly community and farm life editor Tim Relf will be at Bookmark this week talking about his first novel - hotly tipped as one of this summer’s must-reads.

What She Left is billed as a tale of suspense about 25-year-old journalist Alice Salmon, whose body is found in a river after a night out with her friends in her old university town.

Published by Penguin, the book is a contemporary epistolary novel, including newspaper and magazine articles, diary entries, small blog posts, Facebook and Twitter messages, letters, police transcripts and forum posts that all help an ageing professor re-assemble Alice’s life through the paper trail she’s left behind.

Tim, who writes under the pseudonym TR Richmond, was inspired to write the book by a tweet he read in which someone revealed what music they would like played at their funeral.

“It struck me that if they did go under a bus that day, how bizarre, or intimate, that would be to read,” he explains.

“And that got me thinking, what else I could learn about this person on Twitter? That eventually took me to the idea of reassembling, jigsaw puzzle-like, a story from a young woman’s paper and online trail.

“I’m very conscious that the internet and social media have revolutionised how people relate to each other - and it was my fascination with that which originally sparked the idea.”

What She Left is one Penguin’s lead titles this summer and is also due to be published in 18 other countries including America, Germany and Russia.

An all-star cast has also been assembled for the audio version of the book including Charles Dance and his fellow Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke.

Tim’s talk at Bookmark, The Crescent, Spalding, on Thursday starts at 7.15pm and tickets are £3.50 each.

“This is the first bookshop event I’m doing with my novel, so I’m really chuffed I get to do it in such a famous and well-respected venue,” he said.

“Bookmark has a fabulous reputation country-wide as a real booklover’s book shop – a place where you can get recommendations and fantastic personal service.

“I’ve been there a few times as a customer but never as an author, so I’m very excited to be on the other side of the fence this time.”

* To reserve a ticket call Bookmark on 01775 769231.