NOSTALGIA: Who was making the news in OCtober 2011?

Gleed Girls' Technology College students in 2011, with Benjamin Zephaniah

Recipients of cash raised at a fundraising ball are pictured in 2011.

Some £35,000 was raised from a fundraising midsummer ball in June that year.

Fundraising cheques in 2011

Pictured in the front row are Denise Vickers (Macmillan Cancer Support), Tanya Beresford (Midsummer Ball committee chair), Tracy Hull (Action Medical Research) and Daran Bland (Spalding Special Schools Federation).

Also in the news was poet Benjamin Zephaniah, who went back to the classroom to face his lifelong fear of maths. The writer joined a classroom full of 11- and 12-year-olds at the Gleed Girls’ Technology College to conquer his dislike of the subject in support of the work of a national campaign to highlight the work of disfigurement charity Changing Faces.

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