‘Noisy pub’ hearing is to resume on Monday

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A LICENSING panel deciding the fate of The Anchor Inn at Sutton Bridge will resume on Monday after owners Robert and Jamie Hook commissioned their own acoustic consultant to write a report.

The pub is having its premises licence reviewed because neighbours complained of “terrible noise” and “drunken racous behaviour”.

A report to the panel said music at the pub is played so loudly that words to individual songs can clearly be heard inside neighbouring homes even when residents close doors and windows.

Noise in one property was considered by environmental health officer Richard Boole to be so loud it would “hinder sleep”.

Evidence was heard at a licensing panel last month, but the hearing was adjourned for the Hooks to hire a noise consultancy firm to help them solve problems for good.

The panel ordered the Hooks to keep the volume turned down and said the council would continue to monitor noise levels in the meantime.

Monday’s hearing is due to start at 10am, but at least part is likely to be conducted in the absence of the press and public as there is a resolution on the agenda to exclude them.

The findings of the Hooks’ acoustic report have not been made public.