NOISE: Burglar alarm was going for five hours

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May l convey my thanks to Spalding Grammar school for their early morning wake up call at 7.20am on Sunday, June 15 due to their intruder alarm being activated.
At 8.20am l passed the entrance to find no one in attendance and the alarm still sounding.

At .30am l phoned the police, only to be told that they would only respond if a report of suspicious activity was seen. Thinking about this l find it quite ludicrous as if the school was broken into how much could have been stolen. The police also stated that the caretaker and key holder were left messages on their phones about the alarm being activated. But no response.

At 10.30am l could take no more of this noise like many of the residents. I went away for an hour.

At 11.30am I returned. The alarm was still activated. Another call to the police was made. No response.

Eventually we set about trying to make contact with the school caretaker. We found a number on the school for the site manager. Contact was made at approx 12.30pm with the site manager who was informed 30 minutes prior to my call. He was on his way. At 12.50pm the alarm was deactivated.

A key holders’ register would have been helpful. Even so if police were to respond to the alarm they would have been able to get the number of the site manager and been able to check the property with him. Not wait five hours for him to appear.

With all due respect it’s a bad effort by the police. If the school was broken into. What damage could have been done and how much could have been stolen.

I hope that the management team of Spalding Grammar School and the police will extend there apologies to the residents of Chancery Court, Haverfield Road and Georgian Court for ruining their Sunday morning.

John Bishop

via email