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South Holland and the Deeping MP Sir John Hayes stands by 'snowflake Britain' comments as area gripped by heatwave

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MP Sir John Hayes said he does not regret making comments about ‘snowflake Britain’ in relation to the heatwave precautions.

Our MP hit the national headlines this weekend after his comments on a ‘cowardly new world’ where we are ‘frightened of heat’.

Sir John said a balance needs to be struck between ‘nannying’ and taking appropriate measures.

Sir John Hayes in Parliament
Sir John Hayes in Parliament

He was quoted by the Daily Telegraph as saying: “This is not a brave new world but a cowardly new world where we live in a country where we are frightened of the heat.

“It is not surprising that in snowflake Britain, the snowflakes are melting. Thankfully, most of us are not snowflakes. The idea that we clamour for hot weather for most of the year and then shut down when it does heat up is indicative of the state in which we now live.”

He told the Lincolnshire Free Press that he ‘absolutely’ did not regret the snowflake comment.

Sir John said: “We can’t create a society where people don’t take responsibility for themselves or for their neighbours.”

However, his views were not welcomed by all.

Fellow Tory - and district councillor - Roger Gambba-Jones tweeted: “I’m personally shocked and profoundly disappointed that our local MP, respected across our district, would make such foolhardy comments despite the common sense medical advice being given.”

Former Green Party candidate Martin Blake spoke of his concerns about climate change - including flooding and natural disasters as well as the current heatwave.

He said: “It is part of a pattern that heat records are broken every year.

“The climate emergency means that these events are more likely to happen than they were generations ago.”

Mr Blake said the district council had been ‘very behind the curve in setting out a plan’ and that the Governement and local MPs are ‘detached from reality’.

Mr Blake said: “Like the saying goes, we’re consuming the equivalent of three planets when we only have one.

“We have to push our electoral representatives to change their mindsets

“There is a wing of climate sceptics within the parliamentary Conservative party. We need to do what we can as individuals and make our representatives aware that this is a major issue to us.”

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