No new booze licence for Spalding store

Ernesta Tamutyte
Ernesta Tamutyte
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A Spalding shop stripped of its right to sell alcohol last year after a police raid found counterfeit booze has been refused a fresh application.

Ernesta Tamutyte applied today for a premises licence to sell alcohol at Global Foods in Winsover Road, but her application was refused by a South Holland District Council licensing panel.

The panel heard Miss Tamutyte had made false entries to a refusals register when her long-term partner Marius Legavicius was the owner, before he lost his licence.

Members of the panel sitting today were chair Coun Christine Lawton, Coun Anthony Casson and Coun Jack Tyrrell.

In making its decision, the panel said: “It was agreed by all parties that these premises had a history of poor compliance with the previous licence conditions and of behaviour that undermined the crime prevention objective.

“The applicant sought to argue that the previous problems were the responsibility of her long-term partner and that she would represent a clean slate and run the premises properly.

“The credibility of the applicant was fatally undermined by the fact she initially stated that she had not signed the refusals register but later had to concede that she had signed false entries under the instruction of her partner.

“In view of this there are no conditions that could be offered that would satisfy the panel that it would be appropriate to promote the licensing objectives by granting a premises licence.

“Having considered these steps that are appropriate for the promotion of the licensing objectives, the only option was to refuse the application.” 
The applicant has 21 days to appeal against the decision.