‘No hope’ for direct bus service to town

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Villagers have been told that they will remain without a direct bus service to Boston.

Moulton Seas End residents who use CallConnect, the on-demand bus service, have complained that Spalding CallConnect will not take them direct to Boston – and Boston CallConnect will not extend its service beyond its Fosdyke ‘boundary’ to pick them up.

District councillor Anthony Casson told Moulton Parish Council on Tuesday that the two services don’t seem to want to work together and join up to provide a solution.

He said: “I don’t know what else we can do.”

But Coun Casson said South Holland District Council pays towards CallConnect and he would like residents and the parish council to write to district council community officer Karen Johnson and tell her what their bus service requirements are.

Residents lost their scheduled bus service to Boston with the closure earlier this year of Sutton Bridge coach company Carnell’s.

At the last parish council meeting, one resident claimed it used to be “standing room only” on Carnell’s Wednesday and Saturday services to Boston.

But Coun Casson believes the popularity of the service has been overstated and told Tuesday’s meeting that he had spoken to a Carnell’s driver who had picked up just four people on a Saturday from Moulton Seas End and the bus only filled up as it neared Boston.

He said the only hopes for Moulton Seas End appear to be CallConnect and the voluntary car scheme.

Coun Casson told the Spalding Guardian that people in Moulton can’t get a direct service to Boston – they travel to Spalding and pick up a connecting bus and people in Moulton Seas End will have to do the same.

l At November’s parish council meeting it was suggested a public survey should be carried out in Moulton Seas End in a bid to persuade a bus company to launch regular services but no mention was made of that on Tuesday night.

Coun Casson said when Norfolk Green stopped some of its 505 services into Moulton, it was a resident – Stephanie Liquorish – who campaigned to get them back and the parish council did very little other than write a letter.