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Holbeach solicitors on changes in divorce law

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Here is the fortnightly 'Legal-ease' column by solicitors from Mossop and Bowser...

As of April 6, divorce law changed dramatically and hopefully for the better. Many of you may have enjoyed watching the BBC series ‘The Split’, which presents divorce law as a system of necessitated blame and fault.

UK couples will now be able to get a divorce without one person needing to blame the other for the breakdown of the marriage.

Mossop & Bowser (56246936)
Mossop & Bowser (56246936)

Below are some key changes to the process which will make the divorce process much easier:

lThe new process will allow both people to jointly apply for the divorce;

lA period of reflection – of a minimum of 20 weeks will now be introduced between the application and conditional order. Once the conditional order has been made, there will then be a minimum six-week period before the final order is made and the divorce is finalised. This is in an attempt of avoiding making divorce ‘too easy’ and give couples the opportunity to work things in situations where this may be possible;

lWith no fault divorce, contesting a divorce is no longer an option.

It is important to point out that resolving matrimonial finances will still be arranged in the same way and ending the marriage will not end one spouse’s financial commitment to the other.

The new no- fault divorce legislation has received a lot of opposition since the debate began in 2018 as many argue that it threatens the sanctity of marriage. However, there is no doubt that the introduction of the new law should make the divorce process a lot quicker, cheaper and more straightforward.

If you would like to now more about applying for a divorce under the new legislation, please contact our family lawyer Nick Robertshaw on 01406 422651.

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