No ‘dog poo fairies’ to clean up mess in village hedgerow

Dog waste bags hung from trees around the Ashridge Estate PNL-151003-123858001
Dog waste bags hung from trees around the Ashridge Estate PNL-151003-123858001
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Dirty dog owners are leaving poo bags in hedgerows and driving responsible villagers in Morton crazy.

A plea had gone out to residents in South Kesteven urging then to clean up after their pets and take dog poo bags home.

‘There are no dog poo fairies to clear up the mess’

Terry Barnatt, clerk to Morton and Hanthorpe Parish Council

This follows ongoing concerns by Morton and Hanthorpe Parish Council about the disposal of dog mess or lack of it in the village. Parish councillors have requested visits from the district council dog warden on a number of occasions but, according to clerk Terry Barnatt, the problem has been catching the culprits and getting the message across to them.

Mr Barnatt said: “Residents not clearing up after their pets has been a long-term problem here.

“There are some responsible owners in the village but even if the dog warden did come it’s not easy catching those who are not.

“When the children are at school we have numerous complaints about mess in 
Station Road.

“And then there are those who leave poo bags in hedgerows rather than take them home.

“There are no dog poo fairies to clean up the mess – we will have to deal with it eventually. But leaving it like this is not very hygienic for residents.

“If pet owners double up on the poo bags, they can put then in the waste bins and there are plenty of them around the village.”

Residents across the district who do take their poo bags home are asked to deposit them in their black bins or pink bags “to help keep South Kesteven cleaner and greener”.

Disposing of the waste correctly helps to avoid members of the public and children coming into contact with it and keep the threat of toxocariasis, which can blind, at bay.

If used bags cannot be taken home, dog owners can deposit them in South Kesteven’s public litter bins.

Mark Jones, SKDC’s business manager for neighbourhoods, said: “The majority of dog walkers are very responsible and always pick up after their animals and deposit the bags correctly.

“We are appealing to the minority who do not pick up after their pets to think of the eyesore it leaves in their communities and the health complications for anyone who comes into contact with it.

“Therefore please take responsible action when your pet fouls.

“Signs advising owners are displayed around the district and fines can be issued.”

The council does not provide specific dog bag bins although certain parish councils in the district purchase their own.

To report dog fouling 
issues, call 01476 406080 or visit