No cash for new roundabout, says councillor

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Calls for a new roundabout at a road junction in Holbeach appear to be in vain after a senior councillor admitted there was no cash for the project.

Coun William Webb, cabinet member for highways and transport at Lincolnshire County Council, said his department was “well aware” of problems at Peppermint Junction where 11 accidents have occurred over the last five years.

But he added there was no funding available in his budget, although he did promise to look for money from “other sources.”

Long-running safety concerns at the junction, where the A151 and A17 meet, came to a head last weekend when a two-car crash resulted in four people, including a five-month-old child, suffering minor injuries.

Coun Nick Worth, county councillor for Holbeach, said: “We’ve been lobbying for something to be done at Peppermint Junction for a few years now because it’s a nightmare going out on that road.

“The council has looked at doing some minor improvements to make visibility better but to me, it’s fudging the issue.

“A roundabout is needed at Peppermint Junction which is going to cost about £1.5 million and that’s a lot of money.

“But I think the road safety issues are more important and as the local county councillor for Holbeach, I will continue to try and push for a roundabout at the junction sooner rather than later.”

Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership confirmed that in the last five years, there had been two serious and nine slight injury collisions at the junction.

A spokesman confirmed most were down to driver error and one due to inexperience when a vehicle hit a lamppost.

He added: “There has been some significant safety work done around Peppermint Junction in the last few years to improve and increase visibility.”

Coun Webb said: “County highways are of course well aware of the delays at Peppermint Junction when joining the A17 from the A151 and the layout has been improved accordingly.

“It is disappointing that there has been another collision at the intersection but in overall road safety terms, the junction remains relatively safe and visibility is good.

“Currently there is no funding available to further enhance the junction for the highways capital budget.

“However, we look to find money from other sources and recognise the importance of the project.”