Next plans in soon for new road

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PLANNING permission for the second phase of the new Spalding western relief road could be sought as early as spring this year.

The road forms the second link in a long term aspiration to provide a complete route around the west side of the town.

Lincolnshire County Council’s Highways, Transport and Technology Scrutiny committee will be considering the latest report on Monday and recommendations are to approve and protect the route of the road and approve taking the scheme to a planning application in late spring or early summer.

The first phase, the southern section, starts at the B1172 Littleworth Drove, and includes a new bridge over the railway, extending to the boundary of Holland Park. This will be provided by the developer for Holland Park.

Phase two will continue the route northwards, linking the Holland Park development to A151 Bourne Road, with a new roundabout constructed at Bourne Road.

Phase three is a longer term aspiration and would link Bourne Road to the B1356 Spalding Road, in the vicinity of Enterprise Way.

The latest cost estimate for the scheme is £11.8m including design, land and compensation.

Two route options were presented to the public during a consultation exercise in July and August last year, with the more western route being favoured.