Next-gen lick of paint for world of Spira

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Game review: FINAL FANTASY X/X-2 HD REMASTER (PS4/PSV/PS3) – Out Now

This reworked PS4 version (already available on PS3 and PS Vita as a Playstation exclusive) of the classic 2001 game and its 2003 sequel is well worth your attention.

With a tremendous high definition visual upgrade and extra content, this role-playing package has been greatly enhanced – as the story of Tidus and Yuna in the world of Spira gets a next-gen lick of paint.

For newbies unconvinced by recent Final Fantasy offerings, this double-game pack harks back to the time when the franchise was lauded across the gaming world – despite one or two dated aspects like cut-scenes that can’t be skipped – that should be lapped up by gamers who want a real old-school RPG experience.

Rating: 4/5