Newcomer at Spalding’s Tulip Radio

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A regular column by Tulip Radio’s Jan Whitbourn.

Since an early age Sam Loose has always been surrounded by music. Growing up with two classical musicians as parents, he had little choice but to follow in their footsteps and start playing music himself.

With passion for music, comes the urge to tailor your career around that music, which opens up many possibilities. Sam had always been aware of Tulip Radio’s operation, but never entertained the possibility of entering community radio himself until the opportunity presented itself earlier this year.

The role Sam is playing at the moment in the station is relatively simple: he maintain a seamless, 24-hour play-out. This is made possible using a variety of equipment. The specific ‘gear’ we use is unimportant. The important thing is what gets played, and how relevant it is to the listeners.

With the tireless efforts of the Tulip Radio team, working closely with the South Holland community, the station is able to produce content that is indispensable to those in the area. The station also plays a range of popular music, that can only be a bonus to the community.

Welcome Sam, we are enjoying you working with us and look forward to the changes you can implement.

Look at the website to see what Sam and the team are achieving in the community.