New Year hopes of some of our key figures

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LITTLE fixes, helping people and “random acts of kindness” seem to be the way for 2012.

Council leader Gary Porter said there are lots of little things he would like to put right.

He said: “From a council perspective, I hope we can push harder at coming up with some ideas where the council can actually make money and save getting into people’s pockets a bit more.”

He wants the company that runs admin services for South Holland and East Lindsey to get more councils as clients so it makes more money for South Holland.

Another big wish is to see more businesses move to the district.

The Vicar of Spalding, the Rev John Bennett, said: “I hope that everyone will realise how much better life is when we help each other and that we won’t forget this when the economy gets better.”

In 2011 Lincolnshire churches were targeted hundreds of times by lead thieves and Mr Bennett said he would be grateful to see a stop to the this.

Pinchbeck Baptist minister the Rev Tony Kinnersley said: “I would like to see more random acts of kindness. We can’t change the world but we can help one person at a time.”

Spalding police inspector Chris Davison said: “I would like everybody to be safe and happy.

“I would like to get us on the front foot and address crime issues.”

MP John Hayes said: “Like everyone else I wish for the big things – peace in the Middle East, the end of world troubles and a good future for my country – but part of my job revolves around doing things to help individual constituents and I want to do more of that.”

George Scott, chairman of Spalding and Peterborough Transport Forum, is keen to see more early morning and late night train services between Spalding and Peterborough and Spalding and Lincoln.

He’s also keen to see Sunday services from Spalding to the cities.

Chamber of Commerce president Jason Rooke wished for the economy to show signs of improvement, and even if it doesn’t, for the media to be less gloomy about it so people’s confidence improves.

He wanted South Holland District Council to consult with businesses and the public regarding important issues such as economic development.

And he hoped for peace, goodwill, and people, businesses, towns, cities and countries to work together to weather these difficult times.