New X-ray for Spalding in 1916

Spalding's new X-ray machine in 1916.
Spalding's new X-ray machine in 1916.
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The above photograph was the face of modern medicine in Spalding in 1916.

The new X-ray couch or operating table had been installed at Spalding Johnson Hospital.

Above the patient was a fluorescent screen, upon which the rays, passing through the body, showed the shadow of the human frame, the bones darker than the flesh, and any foreign substance as a very dark black shadow.

The X-ray tube was enclosed in a lead protective box underneath, and the box was mounted on roller bearings so that it could be moved easily under any part of the patient

Gauges enabled the movement both longitudinally and laterally to be controlled to the fraction of an inch.

The newspaper pointed out it was only part of the hospital’s apparatus.